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Digital payment processing that makes your life easy & business profitable.


Offer Payment Flexibilityimg

Offer your customers complete flexibility and manage ways you get paid.

One Time Payment

Take entire payment from your customers either before or after the services.

Partial Payments

Break your payments into easy set of multiple pays as desired.

Distribute Payments

Distribute payments over different service deliveries or project milestones.

Recurring Payments

Set up automatic recurring payment plans as needed for either daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Online Customer Pay

Make it easy for your customers to pay you by taking payment online on the web.

Automatic Payments

Take first payment and then automatically take the rest of the payment automatically.


Advanced Impactful Features

A well thought product which provides you complete flexibility in acquiring payments.

Powerful payment providers

Jacktrade’s partners with reputed payment gateways like Fiserv, Braintree and Chase Pay Now to offer customers the ability to make payment via credit or debit cards with ease.

Reach out to your bank to lower your transaction rates using any of the supported payment providers with Jacktrade.


Multiple accounts support

Whether you are running multiple businesses and have partnership distributions - you can process payments as you desire.

Setup single or multiple accounts, and route payments based on business entity, currency regions or physical locations.

Have your customers pay online directly

Encourage your customers to close down the deals sooner with Jacktrade’s online payment system.

Configure the system to send the request for pay as part of your buyer’s process, and your digitally savvy customers can make secured payments online seamlessly.


Your customer credit card secure vault

Most of the customers shop online and expect payments to be quicker, familiar, and secure. We made the tailor-made experience for the same.

Show customers, you value their time by saving their cards to securely save inside a cyber security vault.

Exchange Faster.

Flexible and accessible payment methods encourages
your customers to close down deals sooner.
Celebrate the exchange happily.


Securely Capture Payments

You focus on delivering excellence and we take care about your security and certifications.
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Secured payments with security and compliance to protect yourself and your customers.

Completely secured payment transactions enables your customers
to make easy payments through authorized payment processors.